BC: What have you planned for this week’s set in Kings Cross? Any particular songs that we should be listening out for?

D: This week I’ll be keeping it quite eclectic across the board, I play a lot of my own mash-ups of various pop, disco, house tunes so Ill be throwing those in there for good measure!

BC: You play a mixture of residencies and one-off gigs, what’s your favourite to play and why?

D: I suppose it really depends on the venue, one of my regular spots is Angels “Old Queens Head” and I enjoy playing there as it’s a very intimate venue and know what’s really going to get the crowd going every step of the way until the lights turn up. With the one off shows, every so often I fly to Warsaw, Poland to play a high energy house set and it always goes off!!

BC: You work with the incredible charity Global Angels, tell us a little more about the great work they do and your role as an ambassador for them.

D: The Global Angels charity has pretty much calmed down over here, at least for me, I used to predominantly be involved in the events, helping out with music editing, selecting and then also playing for various events. The organisers are extremely close friends of mine so I try and help out in any way I can.

BC: The music scene is a competitive one, how do you make sure that you stand out from the crowd?

D: Without sounding obvious, I think keeping on top of what is being released and finding ways to incorporate it into a set. I find a lot of clubs that i play at, are for a slightly older crowd and therefore playing just the right of modern music is key. Most people just want to hear songs they grew up with (i know i do when i go out, love the old bangers!) but you can’t just live in the past and there’s some seriously great music coming out every day. I’m a Music Producer by trade so finding a modern vocal and mixing it with an older backing track is always a fun way to mix it up.

BC: What exciting things can we expect to see from the Dubstep community this year?

D: I think in the UK it’s pretty quiet to be honest with you. The progression of the genre has really shifted and been carried over to the states into a more aggressive sound, rather than something that suits the more subtle tastes of the UK bass crowd. Acts that took the sound and made it more intense have still been able to carry on their career in that style since it first started getting smashed out around 10 years ago. That said ive seen a few of the greats playing at venues like XOYO and The Nest, some of the classic dubstep venues, in the last few months and it GOES OFF!!! I think Grime over here, flying into the mainstream media, will be a community that is likely to grow a lot more for a few more years especially with it getting picked up now in the states...not that that was really the question haha :/

BC: Finally, what’s gonna be your first drink of the night on Friday?

D: If im taking it easy to begin with, keeping it chilled with a beer. If im going in straight from the get go, Rum Old Fashioned, either with El Dorado 12 or a Diplomatico Reserva...I LOVE Rum

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