BC: You’ve been part of the Big Chill family for some time now and been around for some of our biggest parties, which has been your favourite?

S: As I love my hip hop, I would probably say the DJ Yella night was my favourite so far! But I do love any night at Big Chill with a great crowd and atmosphere

BC: When you are not DJing what else do you get up to?

S: On top of DJing, I also work as a fitness tutor so in my spare time I read up on fitness and nutrition, go to the gym regularly and I also like to play basketball.

BC: You DJ at Secret Cinema events, do you play as DJ Sugai or are you given a character ?

S: At Secret Cinema everyone dresses up - DJs, staff and punters. I got to dress up as a storm trooper for the Star Wars Secret Cinema which required a dressing up assistant. I also once wore a jedi robe for the main stage set but the sleeves got in the way … haha! When they screened 28 days later it was much easier, a camo/green t shirt and a hat was all I needed

BC: We've heard that you know your stuff when it comes to Hip Hop so lets put this to the test can you answer these Hip Hop trivia questions correctly?

1. Who gave us these lyrics? "In a street brawl, I strike men quicker than lightning. You seen what happened in my last fight friend? aight then"

That’s easy Big L - Put it On (Big L rest in peace!)

2. Which British rapper, whose name resembles that of a Norse god, retired from the rap game in 2012 and became a political activist?

Doc Brown… actually he went and did comedy.. so probably Lowkey.

3. Which groups comprise the Native Tongues collection of artists?

Hmmm if I remember that's Jungle Brothers, A tribe Called Quest and De La soul

4. What does DITC stand for?

Easy again – Diggin’ in the Crates

BC: What is your go to Big Chill drink?

S: Rum Roots - I'm a big fan of Wray & Nephew cocktails.

BC: You’ve curated our Valentine’s Day “Big Chill Presents” playlist, what is it about these songs that makes them suited for the Day of Love?

S: I actually created a love mix series in the past, titled "It’s a Love Thing” so some of the songs on my Big Chill Presents playlist are from that… I think hip hop can express great stories through lyrics, and each song has a different story. What makes these songs suitable for Valentines are the nice chilled beats and lyrics (if you listen carefully!)

Explain That Gram

We’ve taken inspiration from a Big Chill favourite Hot Ones, [check it out if unfamiliar] for this segment called “Explain That ‘Gram,” whereby we’ve checked out your Instagram and selected a number of pics at random that we would like you to tell us the bigger story behind each one?

This was carnival Sunday last year in 2017, where I was DJing up on the roof terrace of Big Chill House… we had Wray & Nephews come in to sponsor the day, with cocktail making games (with Wray of course!) was fun playing Carnival Vibes music on the terrace!

This is when I met Big Shaq… I was djing a Christmas Party at Lockside Camden and he popped out of nowhere, asked to fake DJ for one of his videos (ended up being the uber driver one) so him being Big Shaq – of course I let him! After we had a very quick chat and a pic after he done his thing as I had to carry on playing for the night!

This is a bit of an epic story (for me/hip hop lovers anyway) – I was in Berlin, off to go see Cypress Hill that night. On the way to see Cypress Hill I wanted to pop into HHV.de which was a record shop I used to shop from back in the day.. In there we bump into PMD from EPMD (they were playing elsewhere on the same night) and outside I bumped into Jeru the Damaja and DJ Diamond and had a lengthy discussion about hip hop back in the day and a DJ battle between Roc Raida and Lord Finesse – where apparently Lord Finesse won!

Sugai's playlist