BC: Larry, can you give our Big Chillers a bit of background info on yourself - where you’re from, what music you play?

LS: From South London, started buying hip hop and drum and bass records in 2000, got into serato in 2005 and started experimenting with all the other stuff I was into. These days I love playing all sorts. If I had to play one style I would get bored. I’m really into playing a super chilled deep soul and hip hop set thats not intended to make anyone dance, just as much as a cross genre set of party bangers from all styles or even a house, disco or techno. Just depends who’s in front of me on the night really or what the vibe I’m working towards with the venue or promoter.

BC: You were selected for our David Bowie edition of BCP, what attracted you to the legend growing up?

LS: He’s just one of those full package pop stars that could be super experimental, but then still bang songs like let’s dance. He was never tied to a sound and just did his own style whatever he was feeling along the way, without trying to conform and just keep giving people what they expected of him.

BC: What’s the best request you’ve ever gotten?

There’s always that moment when someone comes up to request where your expecting them to ask for something really bad, or just an obvious thing that people always ask for. So it’s nice when someone comes with something random that your actually really into or wouldn’t expect. I always listen to people’s requests for this reason. Worst case someone’s a bit drunk or rude and knocks your confidence a bit and you start second guessing your selections. Most of the time its cool though even if i cant play it. Recently i was at a gig where I play lots of different stuff but never go too hard and someone asked for Adonis “Lack of Love.” I didn't think I had it on the USB’s i was using and the CDJ’s had a ropey search function but turned out that i did and it really made his night.

BC: You play all over the world what’s the biggest difference between London and global sets?

LS: Don’t think UK Garage ever took off internationally as much as it did it did in the UK. Everyone in London loves a cheeky bit of garage.

BC: If you could only play music from one decade which would it be?

LS: Probably the 90’s. Great decade for house, garage, hip hop, jungle etc that people are still drawing inspiration from now.

Explain That Gram

We’ve taken inspiration from a Big Chill favourite Hot Ones, [check it out if unfamiliar] for this segment called “Explain That ‘Gram,” whereby we’ve checked out your Instagram and selected a number of pics at random, if you could just tell us the bigger story behind each one?

I was flying to New Zealand, but missed my connection flight in China. Then had to get a new flight that went via Sydney and when I got there the next flight was canceled and the airline put me up in a hotel for the night and i got to spend a day and night in Sydney. It took me 4 days to get to NZ but it was worth it to have an unexpected day in Sydney where I saw iconic landmarks such as the Opera House as you can see from the pic.

This is my dog Marcel. He came with me to a gig at a small festival called “Into The Wild” with me last summer and loved it. Someone made him a daisy chain to wear and he looks pretty happy about his festival attire.

It’s not often that you get a cheese board on your rider unless you’re the sort of DJ diva that insists on it. The one time i randomly received a cheese board while I was playing I felt the need to document the moment in a selfie. I do love a bit of cheese.

Larry's Playlist