BC: Our friend, your friend and Kings Cross music programmer Sai picked you for our St Patrick’s Day edition of Big Chill presents, why’d you think he thought you were the man for the job?

LS: Thanks Sai, the cheque’s in the post! Myself and Sai have thrown some notoriously good St Patrick’s Day parties over the years, especially at Big Chill so I guess he thought I would be a good fit for this edition. Plus I love to rock a party and when better than St Paddy’s Day!

BC: Who has been the person you’ve been most excited about meeting in the music industry?

LS: I’ve been lucky enough to work with a lot of people since I first started DJing such as Raekwon of the WU-Tang Clan, Lauryn Hill, Public Enemy, Donnell Jones to name a few but the person I was most excited about was probably Shortee Blitz. I used to listen to him as a youngster every week and study his tapes, his skills are off the charts and I feel he is one of the greatest DJ’s out there. It was a great moment when I got to play the same party as him, hopefully we can rock some more sets in the near future. If I ever meet Jazzy Jeff that would slightly edge the win. Sorry Blitz!

BC: You’ve been a resident DJ and part of the Big Chill family for years now, what’s your go to drink after a big set?

LS: Considering the amount of great beers and cocktails available at the bar my choice is a pretty standard one! I usually go for a cold Estrella (Often to Attila the managers disappointment I think) but that might be changing pretty soon as I was sampling some of the new craft range at the venue launch party the other week and I quite like the Polar Monkey and Trumans Roller IPA, so I might be expanding my horizons pretty soon!

BC: Who would you say are your biggest music influences?

LS: DJ wise id say Jam Master Jay, Jazzy Jeff, DJ EZ, Shortee Blitz, Ready Cee. all of them constantly improved, and worked tirelessly so thats a big inspiration. Ready Cee for example; he is a guru of hip hop and music knowledge in general, and he is constantly finding new ways to improve his game. I only hope I stay as motivated as that throughout the years! Rapper/Producer wise id say Jay-Z, Timbaland, Alchemist, No I.D, A Tribe Called Quest to name a few.

BC: Do you have a favorite country you’ve visited for DJing and are there any interesting stories that you can share from the trip?

LS: A couple of years ago I played at Hip Hop Kemp in Czech Republic, i was the tour DJ for legendary rappers Shabaam Sahdeeq and Ras Kas, Pawz One and El Gant (Ras Kass and El Gant have since formed the Jamo Gang with J57, their new EP is bananas, check it out on spotify!). It was one of the most welcoming places I have ever been and was a great experience. The most surreal moment was when myself and Shabaam were eating breakfast in the town where we was staying. When we had finished eating, two guys came over to the table and asked Shabaam to sign one of his old albums, he explained that he had been carrying this record round with him all weekend in the hope he would bump into Baam and get it signed and that he goes to the festival every year with the aim of getting something signed from everyone he has seen perform. After Shabaam had signed it the guy held the album and the pen out in front of me and just looked at me like I knew what to do, I just kept looking at the guy and Shabaam in confusion as to why anyone would want me to sign something for them! After a few more moments of disbelief I signed the record for him…. pretty sure I devalued it a lot though haha!

BC: What can we look forward to from you in the future?

LS: Myself and Ready Cee are working on a two part tour of the UK and U.S in the summer. We have played a lot of shows together over the years (including one at Big Chill) considering he is based in NY and I'm in London. they are always fun and a real journey through music from Hip Hops inception right up to todays new sound, so keep an eye out for the return event in London this summer. I am also working on a new weekly mix series that will be launching soon, and of course more parties! You can keep up with me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Explain That Gram

We’ve taken inspiration from a Big Chill favourite Hot Ones, [check it out if unfamiliar] for this segment called “Explain That ‘Gram,” whereby we’ve checked out your Instagram and selected a number of pics at random that we would like you to tell us the bigger story behind each one?

Me and Shortee Blitz: This pic was taken in Camden after we played our sets. I had met Shortee a couple of times before at various events and via radio interviews on Kiss 100 with The Quaranteam (Loudmouth, Mentalist, Pyro, K-Nite13, Skillet, Myself) but this was the first time i had played the same party as him. We was playing a day party in the summer and it was to a packed crowd so was a lot of fun. I consider that a milestone in my DJ Career as not many people get to meet people that have influenced them let alone work alongside them.

Me, Shabaam Sahdeeq and DJ Ready Cee. This pic was taken in Harlem NYC. Me and Cee had been pretty much record shopping and drinking all day at various bars around NY that we visit a lot when Shabaam called Cee and told him he had a radio interview that night and we needed to come along! Ready Cee had just produced some new tracks for Baam and was going up to the station to premier them and asked me if I would cut them up on the mix show after the interview. It was a great moment and a lot of fun.. although a bit of a mad dash from the bar to the apartment to grab our gear and then to the studio in time for the show!

This is me at NFL headquarters UK. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a big NFL fan so this was a great moment! We were out for a friend of mines birthday and earlier that day he had happened to meet Scott Hanson from NFL Redzone. Scott invited a bunch of us to be his guests at the offices to watch the Playoff games and gave us a tour of the place too (its like a mini museum in there, so very cool!). We went for a few beers afterwards too but I cant say much more than that due to various implications on Scotts part haha! We was the envy of a few friends for a while that’s for sure, Hat Tip to Phil for the smooth work hooking it all up!

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