BC: Hey Anthony, you’re next playing at Big Chill Kings Cross on Saturday 24th March what’d you think of the new space?

C: It looks great! It’s been one of my favourite London venues for years and years and it deserved a fresh lick of paint. Love the re-brand too, looking good!

BC: You have played at your fair share of London venues, what do you think makes a
really great venue?

C: It’s all about the staff first of all. If they look like they’re having fun, it’s infectious. The staff create the whole vibe of the venue so happy staff means happy punters. Obviously a good sound system is pretty high on my list as well. If a venue really cares about the music, you can tell straightaway, they take care of their kit, they have a decent sized booth for DJs and the staff get into the music as much as the crowd. Knowing the team behind bookings at Big Chill, I know they are serious about the artists they book.

BC: You were a regular fixture for Kings Cross’s Summer Rooftop Series parties last year what are you most looking forward to this summer?

C: Man, I absolutely loved playing those daytime sets up on the roof. Because it’s a completely different time to play, I got to play loads of rare funk, soul and disco. I had a lot of fun playing loads of great tracks I rarely get the opportunity to play in an evening set. I am really looking forward to coming back this summer and digging up some real gems for the rooftop in the sun!

BC: You used to be the theatre manager for the Kings Head, what was the most useful thing you learnt from this role?

C: That was such a long time ago, I was actually a Theatre Director for about 10 years, but now work as Head of Events in Covent Garden for Unit London (check ‘em out!). Working at The King’s Head was great fun, I met some amazing people there and it gave me an opportunity to learn everything about running a venue including all the technical bits like operating and installing lights and sound. I guess the single main useful thing I took from my time there is make yourself indispensable. If you create a situation where others can’t do what you do, you’ll always be an important member of the team. Same with DJing really, don’t play what everyone else is playing, there’s a million guys doing that.

BC: What is your Big Chill drink of choice when behind the decks?

C: Ooooh that’s a tough one, anything Tequila based works for me!

BC: What’s the story behind the name DJ Cross?
I get asked this one a lot. Over the years I’ve been through a lot of DJ names, I’ve been Djing for 17 years and was a teenager for some of those years so believe me, I had some terrible DJ names back in the day. I’ve been working under this name for about 3 years now. First of all, I play all genres of music, I’m not precious about genres or obsessed with image or being cool, I’m totally focussed on great music, so some people call this multi-format DJing, others call the style ‘crossover’, so one element of the name comes from that. Secondly, I do a lot of scratching and turntablism in my sets and this involves a lot of work with the crossfader on the mixer, again that’s a part of why the name makes sense to me. Finally it happens to be the surname of my fiancé, so if she’s taking my name when we get married, it’s a nice way of me using hers for something hahaha!

Explain That Gram

We’ve taken inspiration from a Big Chill favourite Hot Ones, [check it out if unfamiliar] for this segment called “Explain That ‘Gram,” whereby we’ve checked out your Instagram and selected a number of pics at random that we would like you to tell us the bigger story behind each one?

This one is me and by buddy Sahir in KOKO in Camden. I was one of the resident DJs for Club NME for years. A lot of my friends used to come down for this night because there were always great bands and the soundsystem in KOKO is absolutely insane. This was taken on a night where Sahir came down with a few of his friends and I got him up onto the main stage. He’s actually a great producer and a huge music fan, but spends more time producing than DJing. When I left the stage for 2 mins mid-set to grab a drink, I returned and found him hyping the crowd, it was brilliant.

This is me and the legendary producer Joy Orbison (also one of my favourite artist names in the game). This was taken at the Bloc weekender years ago. I think possibly 2010. We were both playing this event and he was blowing up with ‘Hyph Mngo’, his first huge tune. He’s a rely solid bloke and it’s clear from the last 8 years he’s an extremely talented and prolific producer. I also got to hang out with Skream, Benga, Artwork and Plastician which doesn’t happen every day! There are some terrible photos kicking about somewhere…

This was taken in Ibiza last summer. I was out there for some gigs at Ocean Beach, Bora Bora & Pikes and this coincided with one of my friends Stags. It was a brutal week in June and this was taken on the first day we headed out there. I’m pretty sure Ian (the stag) didn’t sleep for the full 6 days. There were about 30 people on his stag and it was even more full on than any of us were expecting. The highlight of that trip was seeing the re-opening of Space as ‘Hi’ and Glitterbox was everything clubbing should be all about.

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