BC: We’re excited to welcome you to our roster of residencies at Big Chill Kings
Cross, what have you enjoyed about playing at the venue so far?

OK: Thank you, and thanks for having me. The answer to that is definitely the people. I’ve
played there a few times now and the people that turn up are always just totally up
for a great time. They might arrive having no clue what’s on but they really get into.
There’s always a lot of fun going down on the dance floor.

BC: You play at many incredible events, including a festival in Goa? How did that
come about and was it a great experience?

OK: I absolutely love Goa, I won’t say too much about that festival though, it was a bit of
a disaster haha. I will say we made some great contacts out there and discovered a
healthy Disco scene in India. We now have a few gigs coming up else where in India
off the back of it so we can’t complain.

BC: You have also been on the bill for one of our personal fav events, Craft Beer
Rising, for the past few years. What do you like about the beer festival and did
you discover any new breweries this year?

OK: CBR is always heaps of fun, it’s got a great team behind it as well, it just seems to
get better every year. I didn’t get a lot of time to explore this year. Definitely would
shout out Orchard Pig though. I’m a cider drinker and they make the best cider, no
competition. Drinking them dry has become a bit of a ritual for me at CBR.

BC: When you are not DJing what else do you get up to?

OK: I make films, shooting and editing. Either that or I’m out dancing somewhere myself,
I love a good boogie.

BC: You’re going to be DJing our first Dirty Disco Brunch next month, an afternoon
of bottomless booze, food and back-to- back disco (we can’t wait), have you
got anything special planned for the big day?

OK: Yes, I can’t wait either. I’m excited to try these halloumi fries I’ve heard about, they
sound like heaven. I’m pretty sure a special outfit is in order.

BC: What can Big Chillers expect from your future Saturday night sets?

OK: Bangers, Disco bangers, Funk bangers. Bangers they know and bangers they don’t. Just
music you can’t stay still to.

Explain That Gram

We’ve taken inspiration from a Big Chill favourite Hot Ones, [check it out if unfamiliar] for this segment called “Explain That ‘Gram,” whereby we’ve checked out your Instagram and selected a number of pics at random that we would like you to tell us the bigger story behind each one?

Haha you’ve dug deep for some of these. So this one we’d all been up all night as we’d played a gig then had to catch an early morning flight to Geneva for a gig out there. We couldn’t decide if we should get breakfast or go to the airport bar. I think you can tell what we chose.

This was one of the times we played the pool party at Standon Calling Festival. We’d been obtaining props for our set throughout the festival including this pineapple which we ended up throwing back and forth to people in the crowd. Catching a pineapple is always a surprise because you expect it to hurt.

This was at our recent Christmas party where we had James from Horse Meat Disco down to play with us. Actually the last time we played with him was at big chill a few years ago. It’s safe to say none of us remember much from that night.

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